January Pre-Dawn

Early morning
so sharp
they cut through
the blue-black back drop
of icy air,
hang above

staccato yips and cries
of coyotes 
so close,
as if I could 
reach them
if I stretched – or

perhaps they could reach me, teach me
the desperate, wild
in their cries


21 thoughts on “January Pre-Dawn

  1. The coyotes were a pleasant surprise, Mary. Yes, we can learn from them and Nature’s other creatures. Nice thoughts, I like your “early morning” icy air findings.

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  2. Howling good poem! I live in a quiet residential area, but on some nights a chorus of coyotes rings out…and they have to be very close because they are quite loud…but unseen…like the unseen poet with his longing cries.

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  3. You set the scene beautifully in the first stanza, Mary, with the sharp stars and the blue-black back drop of icy air, so cold and still – and then you cut it with ‘staccato yips and cries’. I could hear them.

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