Surely You Jest


Snowstorm, April 2
weathervane horse prances north
robins are unimpressed

I know the picture doesn’t exactly match the words, but it’s the best picture of the wild, windy snowstorm.  This is linked to the Imaginary Garden, where Karin asked us to include something about horses, and Prompt Nights, where Saana gave us the topic “Surely you jest.”




20 thoughts on “Surely You Jest

  1. I like it, Mary. The picture didn’t bother me, but after I read it I looked to see the horse on the weather vane, wasn’t one. I like that you thought of the robins. I’ll bet they weren’t impressed.
    This wasn’t happening here, the closest I’ve been to snow this winter is on TV. We haven’t even had our usual one or two freezes.

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    • Yes, I don’t have a weathervane of any sort, but if I did you still wouldn’t find it in that picture. I took it looking out of the car, while driving (well, being driven) west of my home. And if you’re missing some snow this year I think we must have it here!


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