Inferno, Room III

The Inferno was deserted
We walked dark, winding corridors
among huge whisky vats
and Rub Goldberg devices
kitsch loomed, vaguely threatening
plastic harpies
and plaster fortune tellers
eyed us

mechanical music machines
long out of tune
moaned and screeched
a discordant warning
Time will win
Time always wins

Welcome to hell –
here’s your accordion



This is a 55 word impression of section three of the House on the Rock for Hedge’s Verse Escape.

*Note: The last two lines are taken from a Far Side cartoon (“Welcome to Heaven…. Here’s your harp. /  Welcome to Hell…. Here’s your accordion.”)


3 thoughts on “Inferno, Room III

  1. NOOOO not that. This is very sharp and visual Mary–and definitely a vision of hell I personally hope as an atheist never to see, but it sounds like just my luck. I love the knickknacks, the plaster fortune tellers and whiskey vats(do they have plastic flowers in them, I wonder?) and the way this feels like a scary dream as much as it feels humorous.Glad you came back and added your link–I thought you were kicking ass over the weekend in some other way. ;_)


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