The Art of Winter


-Photo by Mary Bach

There is a beauty in
negative spaces,
in winter,
in life drawing down
to a
the stark dark and light
of trees and snow,
of moon and night
of hunger and time,
thickening, lengthening, slowing
blown by winds
drifting at our door
beautiful and dangerous
call to us
winter draws us down
to the bone


This is 55+ for the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads where we are asked to write 55 words on the topic of our choosing, and if we would like to deal with some pairing of two things.  Click on the link and check it out.


32 thoughts on “The Art of Winter

  1. I am amazed at how much can be packed into 55 words; this piece is haunting, stark, yet deep as a drift & stings like a snowball in the face. Here in the NW, land of hills, foothills, & mountain ranges all about us, your /beautiful & dangerous/ point is too bang on. Growing up here I am not a fan of snow, ice, silver rain, car accidents, breaking fir branches & power outages. You closing lines are tre killer.

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  2. Love your pairings of opposites that enhance and expand each other, especially in the heart of the poem, with hunger and time–a beautiful winter dance that does call, yet also kills. We usually have it easy here, with only a few snows or sleets and a lot of sun and brisk weather(it will be 70 on Friday)–but this makes me remember Chicago and the four months of white sky full of frigid wind and blizzards. Thanks so much for participating Mary, and on such a high level.

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