Once when I walked
through town.
People were busy living.
Streets were filled with cars,
sidewalks dotted with people.
Everyone was on the way
to somewhere else

Except for me.
I was just walking
and watching

Now, an occasional car
slips past,
sidewalks are empty.
The people are gone

except for me.
I’m just walking
and watching


This is for Hedgewitch’s Friday 55 at Verse Escape.




11 thoughts on “Observations

  1. I love the mood of this, Mary–contemplative, letting the images speak. It falls into the way things are now like an autumn leaf, a whisper and a color changed from a summer that feels far away. Thanks so much for playing, if playing it can be called these days, and have a kickass weekend in whatever way you can.

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  2. No matter what changes in the surrounding the speaker continues to walk and watch. They continue on with their observations. I connect to this piece quite a lot as I find walks such a great time to observe and reflect both on what I see and what I don’t see around me. And how that changes over time.

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  3. Oh I like this! Constancy is a precious and hard to maintain thing, even within ourselves, and especially in the world as it is in 2020. This reminds me a little bit of Dylan’s song that says “This old river just keeps on rolling though/ no matter what gets in the way or which way the wind does blow/ and as long as it does, I’ll just sit here and watch the rover flow.”

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  4. This captures a mood. I feel like our neighborhood is fuller than it was; more people out on the streets and in their backyards but at the same time, it’s like the rest of the world has just drifted away.

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  5. the restaurants reopened here in Alameda county, CA. a lot more cars and people out and about.

    that season of quiet in mid-Spring, with grass still green and the air mostly empty of car noise or voices, seems like a dream. ~

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